At StepWell Coaching we help you achieve the outcomes that are important to you.  Whether the need is of a personal or organizational nature, we:

  • Listen closely as you speak about your work life, career or organization.
  • Collaborate to reveal hidden disconnects and breakdowns that may have led to less-than-ideal results.
  • Crystallize aspirations and goals that are coherent with your values, words and actions.
  • Support you through to success!

Together, we walk arm in arm toward your most robust and satisfying future.

Our symbols express our values.  The StepWell egg represents the alchemical container from which new possibilities for being and doing are born.  The egg has within it a winding path, a symbol for the challenges and indirect route that often accompany times of significant change. Yin and yang are also pictured within the egg, suggesting that when we hold the tension of uncertainty with patience, curiosity and a level eye something new and vital will emerge that would not otherwise materialize.

The stepwell is an architectural structure that dates from 600 C.E. and is found across India and Pakistan. Ancient stepwells were constructed to cope with seasonal fluctuations in water availability–the unique design makes it easier for people to reach water by descending a set of steps. Just as the stepwell guides individuals’ transition from the parched surface into the vast well of thirst-quenching water (and back again), StepWell Coaching helps groups and individuals through major transitions and business challenges.

“Wherever a stepwell links a brilliant . . . sun to a clear pool of water, two separate worlds are joined.  In the well’s stone corridors people move between one realm and the other.  The diminishing light descending the stairs conveys a sense of passage deep into the earth . . .”

~From Steps to Water
by Morna Livingston, 2002, Princeton Architectural Press, New York.